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Your interview with Briar Mitchell was awesome! Can't wait to read your books when all 40 are published. Love your website as well.

Keep up the good work

Great reading about the skills involved in search and rescue and the dedication of the volunteers! What a difference the world is knowing that there are groups of people and dogs that do this kind of work.

Good evening. What a lovely way of supporting the world's SAR units specially the K9 sections. Having served in the military and law enforcement I have witnessed the skill and how invaluable dogs are in those roles. Good for you and ill toast to a successful future.

I very much enjoyed perusing your website, Marita. Keep up the good work!

Marita, I know you through Facebook as a fellow Chesapeake lover and a fan of SAR. I do not participate in SAR, but I am thankful they are there and think that they are an invaluable resource. I have been thinking about your books for a long time and am just now getting a chance to sign your guestbook. Please let me know when your books are published and available for sale. I would like to buy them for my sister in law's 2nd grade classroom. Thank you for your support of SAR and rescue and I look forward to your books!

Hello Marita. Love your website and everything you are doing with K9 rescue. Can't wait to read the books in print.

It's was a pleasure meeting you today and your beautiful big angelic hero at Petco may be continue to be a blessing with his career as a golden tracker finding those who are in an unfamiliar/harmful environment. God bless the both of you!

Excellent work Marita

Impressive, Educational, and Heartwarming. The time and effort put it so we as a society have another source of aid in time of need is amazing. I thank all who love and work with the dog, in order to be a cohesive team. Marita, this is a terrific way to identify these heroes, for the work.

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