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My name is Martin Brandner and I live in the Czech Republic located in the heart of Europe.  I am a volunteer K9 SAR dog handler and have been training dogs to work as disaster search and rescue K9's since 2005. 

My first SAR dog was a female chocolate lab named “Bara” (this translates to “Barbara” in English).  Bara passed several of the highest tests required for SAR K9's in the Czech Republic.  In addition, Bara served as a member of the Czech units for operations abroad.  Her area of expertise was searching for survivors in rubble and during her years of service, Bara participated in about twenty searches. 

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Born 2-19-04, Bara has now reached the golden age of 11 and is a retired grandmother that has taken well to her new lifestyle.  Every now and then, I prepare training exercises for her and she continues to demonstrate that she is still very clever and (for the time being), her nose still finds it's target. 

Upon her retirement, I began my search for a faster, stronger and more determined I bought a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Her name is “Itchy Feet of Ginger Libami” (aka “Gina”).  She was born 5-11-12 and is now three years old.  Honestly, we trained full time on nose work, obedience, obstacles and noise for all of these three years. 

Gina is now a K9 specialist for area searches.  We have passed exams, basics, sports, local and international SAR test and are now facing key tests for practical use which are the highest form of SAR testing in the Czech Republic.

Martin Brandner
Director of Search Patrol
Czech Republic, EU

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