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Golden Tracks K9
Our Golden Tracks Will Lead The Way
Welcome to the Golden Tracks K9 book series! 

My pen name is Marita K-SAR and I am the author of a soon to be released, ongoing children's book series about K9 Search and Rescue teams from the US and around the world.

The world of the working K9 has always fascinated me.  Throughout my life, I have witnessed the selfless dedication exhibited by these teams as they put their lives on hold to help reunite loved ones, help law enforcement to track down a fugitive on the run, investigate crime scenes and protect our military personnel.  Sadly, few people know that the majority of our working K9 teams around the world are entirely self-funded and depend upon the generosity of the public to help them provide vital services in their communities.

My love and appreciation for these dedicated teams has inspired me to find a way to help them to acquire desperately needed funding to offset their costs of ongoing training, certifications, equipment, medical/veterinary, travel and lodging expenses, etc. by offering a glimpse into their daily lives.

When a K9 team submits a story that inspires me to write a new book, they directly benefit from a permanent portion of royalties from that particular book.  I take great pride in knowing that a portion of the profits from each of my books will directly benefit working K9 teams from the US and around the world. 

Golden Tracks K9 books will invite children to navigate through tales of purpose, personal strength, dedication, sacrifice, determination, perseverance, conquering fears, endurance and hope.   I hope to inspire and motivate today's children (and generations to come) through the many adventures, sacrifices and rewards of working as a dedicated member of a K9 SAR team through my publications.

Ultimately, I want to captivate and motivate both children and adults to become more aware of, support and appreciate those that dedicate themselves to helping their communities by honoring the pledges they’ve made…“So that others may live”.

Future plans will include new stories to highlight various K9 disciplines including but not limited to medical companion, therapy, bomb/drug/arson detection and military working dogs.  In addition, I plan to make my publications available in multiple languages (as well as in the English language) to match the location of the individual K9 story being told. Each book will offer insight into the lives of these two and four-footed professionals from the US and around the world.

The first book in my series is titled, “Silver Creek Lucy”. It tells the story of one of this Chesapeake Bay retriever’s most memorable missions. When a toddler wandered off near the Rio Grand, a call out was issued to several volunteer K9 SAR teams. After hours of searching and with bad weather quickly approaching, many had given up hope of finding her alive...except for one team that stayed the course and found her. It is a heartwarming and uplifting story that I've read during several library story hours and in local school rooms with many wonderful reviews.  I hope you and your family will enjoy reading these stories just as much as I (and the K9 community) enjoy sharing them with you.

You can make a world of difference to K9 SAR teams all around the world by donating to our fundraiser campaign of which 10% will be forwarded to Crook County Search And Rescue K9 team.
Thank you for your generous support!
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